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加拿大阳光国际学院 90
校如其名,"阳光"取意于那一轮冉冉升起的旭日,更有帮助无数为实现自己的人生理想远渡重洋来到加拿大的莘莘学子们 "挑战极限、实现自我、把握未来",最终找到属于自己的一片绚烂天空之意。 加拿大阳光国际学院是一所在安大略省教育部注册并经审查通过的正规学院,我们提供高水...416-335-9839
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Braemar College 90
Braemar College is a private secondary school located in the heart of the City of Toronto, in the St. George Campus area. Our programs of st...416-487-8138
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Bond International College 90
Bond International College has been contributing to the success and development of students from around the world for over 25 years. Our com...416-248-8191
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加拿大南安大略学院 90
南安大略学院成立于1980年,是加拿大最早招收国际学生的私立学校之一, 由加拿大安大略省教育部注册及监管。南安大略学院拥有优良的教学环境、卓越的校务管理、 丰富的教学经验、先进的教学设施,资历高深的教师。南安大略学院致力于追求一流的教学质量, 坚持严谨治学,给予学生无微不至的照顾...416-292-3221
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Imperial College of Toronto (ICT) 90
Imperial College of Toronto (ICT) was established in 1990. It is an independent boarding school providing both Canadian and foreign students...416-251-4970
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TAIE International Institute 90
TAIE International Institute is registered with the Ministry of Education of Ontario, Canada (ID No: 878510). Our location in downtown Toron...416-368-2882
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Bronte College of Canada 90
Founded in 1991, Bronte College of Canada is a boarding school situated on a quiet campus conducive to learning, secluded within a large urb...905-270-7788
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克林顿国际学校 95
克林顿国际学院语言中心 克林顿国际学院位于北约克中心地带Yonge & Sheppard 地铁站出口。我们提供的课程项目有 : • IELTS 雅思/TOEFL托福 /SAT 考试培训 (每月开课!) • 法语/中文培训 (儿童课后班 和成人培训班 每月开课!) • 夏令...1-416-225-8008
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Toronto International College 95
Toronto International College is an inspected private school registered with the Ministry of Education of the Province of Ontario, Canada. I...416-887-9889
Vote:- | Popular:1530
Cambridge International College of Canada 95
Cambridge International College of Canada in Toronto, Ontario can help you or your children join prestigious universities in Canada, the USA...416-252-9195
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