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Braemar College
Fax: 416-487-6165
Address: 229 College Street, Toronto, ON
Postal code: M5T 1R4
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Education, Training & Culture
  Private Senior School No.LK1368-90

Braemar College is a private secondary school located in the heart of the City of Toronto, in the St. George Campus area. Our programs of study are designed to help students realize their full academic, personal and social potential and to support them in their efforts to gain admission to universities and colleges right across North America.
Braemar College was founded in 1995 to assist students from all corners of the world to acquire, improve and perfect their capacity to function within an English-speaking environment. For those students who come to Canada specifically to attend the college, and for local students, the college offers an international context where meeting, befriending, and becoming acquainted with other cultures, histories and languages, is the norm. The college has grown steadily since its inception, and continues to grow in many respects, still.

Our philosophy of education is founded on the principles of autonomy, responsibility, and academic excellence. These are ideals with timeless appeal. Some of the features that have grown out of our philosophy of education are reflected in the following areas:

Small, orderly classes with limited enrollment;
Teachers who are responsive to student needs;
An emphasis on practical skills that assist in learning;
Applying knowledge using the latest technologies;
An environment conducive to developing autonomy.
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