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HB Translation Services Ltd.
Other phone: 778-379-1256
Contact: HB Translation
Address: Unit 295, 5655 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC
Postal code: V5Z 3A4
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Business & Professional Services
  Translators & Interpreters No.LK198249-95

HB Translation Services Ltd. is a professional, experienced and trustworthy translation company. The company has provided high-level, high-quality and multilingual translation service to our clients all over the world since it established. All our translators and interpreters have rich experience in translation related field. Client interests are always in the first place. For all our translation projects, we strictly execute three steps which are translation, proofreading and verification in order to ensure the qualification of our translation. In addition, we assign the most suitable translator/interpreter to our client based on client’s requirements. HB Translation Services Ltd. is your preferred and best choice!

Objective: Integrity Based, Quality Assurance and Service Oriented.

Scope of Services
1. Scope
① Translation: Interpretation and Translation
② Visas: PR Renewal, Study Permit Extension, TRV Extension, US visa, Visas.
③ Notary Public
④ Company Registration

2. Languages: English, Chinese, French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish.

3. Translation Field
① Driver License, Passport Translation. Fast and Convenient.
② ID, Household Register, No Claim Records, Police Clearance, Birth Certificate.
③ Record of Entry and Exit, Certificate of Vaccination, Diploma and Transcript.
④ Individual Income Tax, Employment Letter, Payroll.
⑤ Immigration: Personal Documents, Employment Letter, Report.
⑥ General: Letter, Business Plan, Letter of Intent, Resume, Invitation Letter, Introduction, Marketing Documents, Transcript, Brochure, Name Card, Training Documents, Advertisement.
⑦ Business: Company Profile, Business Report, Credit Document, Annual Report, Official Letter, Financial Report, Marketing.
⑧ Legal: Agreement, Contract, Regulation, Notarization, Government Documents, Article, Rule, Convention, Written Judgement.
⑨ Evaluation/Assessment: Assets Appraisal, Property, Auditing Report, Land.
⑩ Medical: Medical History, Health Care, Clinic, Medical Equipment.
11 Media: Typesetting of Various Documents, Website Translation.
And Others.

Contact Us:
QQ: 1539753986
WeChat: VanCC001
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