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Massage and Acupuncture 80
I graduated from Traditional Chinese Medicine University. I am acupuncturist and esthetician with 15years experence available for body massa...647-283-9866
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加拿大耳医学研究院 80
加拿大耳医学研究院专门研究耳穴治病,无须针药,疗效显著。 Auricular Medicine is a scientific medical system which can diagnose and treat many different diseases of the ...416-898-5906
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Huaxia Traditional Chinese Medicine Center 85
Special Diseases Cured in our Clinic : Painful diseases | Cervical spondylosis | Periarthritis of shoulder | Rheumatic arthritis | Prolapse...613-599-9885
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Profusion物理治疗康復诊所 80
Profusion物理治疗康復诊所位于Pickering市中心(Pickering Town Centre 旁),我们竭诚服务位于Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Durham Region 以及大多地区的华人社区。 康復服务: 本诊所拥有...905-492-2577
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东方针灸中医诊所 80
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怡心苑 80
1.推拿指压理疗:颈椎病,肩周炎,颈肩综合症,腰肌老损,风湿痛症,坐骨神经痛等疾患。 2.足底按摩治疗:药物浸泡、穴位推拿,有效改善睡眠、消化,通经络、提高免疫力。 3.刮痧、拔罐、电针灸、物理治疗等配合的瘦身方法,使减肥效果明显、持久不反弹 4. 前列腺治疗,主治阳萎、早...647-886-7009
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保生堂综合治疗中心 80
MY natural health centre Grand Openning $55 for 60min hot stone massage 现金特惠价(cash only)可选择全身热石治疗按摩或者30min足底治疗+30min身体按摩 My natural health c...905-731-0081
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三九医疗中心 (北约克总部) 82
中心聘请了多位才德兼备、医术精湛的安大略省注册中医师。他们都曾在中国、日本或德国获得医学博士、硕士或学士学位,而且有多年丰富的临床经验, 采用中西结合方法为病人医病,每位中医师都有高尚的医德,以"治病救人"为最高宗旨,全心全意地为病人服务。我们以服务病人为目的,收费相宜,不会滥收...416-497-6339
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Senmin Acupuncture & Herbology Clinic 85
[Services]: 1.Radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer adjuvant therapy 2.Skin/Nose allergic to improve the physique 3.Youth height incre...604-889-0678
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Your Vibrant Health is Our Priority Replenish your body, mind and soul at Lily Health Studio. Our certified and skilled therapists using ...905-910-0134
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