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孟冰印刷 100
2009精品月历璀灿登场,首创金雕、水晶、七彩、冰花、磨砂、折光、局部UV等多种工艺进行叠加,月历工艺精湛、装帧新颖、品质出众,是商家最佳的广告赠品及家庭壁饰精品。挂历、吊牌、商务台历、促销台历、时尚新品周历、商务周历、专版、吸塑 1000多个品种供您选择! 欲订从速!! *...647-866-2058
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Presto Print Ltd 90
PRESTO PRINT LTD. has been in business since 1978, and is pleased to impress you with the following: COLOUR LASER COPIES We accept dig...604-278-2428
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秋日印品 90
工作时间:Mon-Fri 早9:30 – 晚5:30 优质名片:16 PT 双面全彩名片 1000张仅售 $30+HST 2500张仅售 $60+HST 5000张仅售 $80+HST 其他名片材质:亚膜,光膜,亚麻布,高亮名片,磁名片等请电话询...905-604-2294
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精艺印务 98
We provide professional design, output, printing and advertisement fields to assist you to get best effect and improvement on your business....416-754-3754
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Smart Prints 90
Smart Prints, a company with over 3 years experience in IT solutions and design. Our new media skills are supported by a strong background i...416-916-4431
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Apex Business Machines 90
Apex Business Machines has been in business for 10 years. We provide various services. We focus on technical expertise and outstanding perso...780-413-6305
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ADD SHOPPING BAGS (ADD Printing & Packaging) 95
ADD SHOPPING BAGS (ADD Printing & Packaging) is a one stop solution for custom printed bags, custom boxes and labels. We provide services f...416-297-5881
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GRAPE Graphics and Printing Cente 90
Welcome to visit GRAPE graphics and printing center. we provide professional design, output, manufacture of graphics, printing and advertise...416-825-3526
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Aldrich Printing 90
Aldrich Printing We provide various printing services for books, magazines, catalogs, calendars and all kinds of commercial printings. We...1-647-729-7202
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goldcopy 办公设备 90
我们为客户提供全面的办公设备服务解决方案: 打印复印设备一体化解决方案.... 打印复印设备管理解决方案....... 基于用户的维修及消耗品解决方案...... 请联系我们:604-438-2121 ...604-438-2121
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