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TorenFonder Enterprise Co.Ltd 90
We are an Canada based company providing a distribution channel of our high-quality and new-styling home hardware from Asia and other areas ...416-332-8202
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Cyclone Range Hoods Inc. 90
Do you believe that a range hood can function without a filter? With Cyclone, the built-in Twin Turbo Fans can remove 680 cubic feet of air ...416-293-0933
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Eukya Canada Inc. 90
Eukya is known for manufacturing and importing high quality, traditional and contemporary design tables and chairs for Restaurants, Bars and...416-335-3686
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Cooks Mate Inc. 90
Cook's Mate offers one stop shopping for all sectors of the food service industry. Their proven experience, and large supplier base provide...416-759-8122
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Cambo restaurant equipment mfg. 95
With over 30 years of experience and has been open for over 10 years. We are still growing and expanding, we gain valuable experience and id...416-321-1533
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实木橱柜批发零售 85
EnHome Cabinetry Direct 是美国Home Cabinet Inc. 分公司。现在多伦多设立销售中心,主要进口和销售 高档CHERRY, ANTIQUE WHITE, COFFEE, MOCHA 颜色的实木橱柜,洗手间柜和花岗岩台面。欢迎橱柜零售商和个人参观我...905-771-3636
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威鹏卫浴 85
威鹏卫浴—引领品质时代 威鹏卫浴,服务大多伦多地区近10年。威鹏卫浴产品风格多样、用料讲究,致力于为消费者打造有品质的浴室,因此赢得业内的认可和消费者的厚爱,获得“款式多、服务好、品质优秀、价格合理”的行内口碑。 威鹏主要的品质产品包括: 浴室柜 威鹏浴室...416-900-2080
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依格卢食品设备公司(IGLOO FOOD EQUIPMENT) 拥有全加拿大最大的55,000平方英尺产品展馆,上千种食品餐饮设备器具展示。从炉头雪柜,橱窗展柜,食品加工,真空包装,烧烤器具,厨房设备,餐具刀具,咖啡用具,塑料瓷器,玻璃器皿,桌椅台面,工衣围裙,不锈钢具,水...416-663-3051
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TNG食品包装贸易有限公司 60
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Food Equipment Depot 59
专营: 二手的,全新的餐馆用的冰箱,冰柜,橱柜,炉子,烤箱,油炉,搅拌器,排气系统 ,绞肉机,自助餐台,寿司吧,质优。我们保证多伦多最低价。 另收购结业餐馆厨具。...416-232-0232
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